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Spring in Central Texas

Spring is officially here! The bluebonnets, endless highway wildflowers, and the unpredictable Texas weather that brings with it.....HAIL. Now is a great time to address any issues with your roof that may not be on the top of your spring "to do" list. Letting a small leak or questionable "leak" continue without

a plan, can get costly down the road. I know, it's like doing your taxes, not something you really are jazzed about, but as a homeowner, it has to be addressed at some point. We are family owned and started our company in 2010 and continue to serve our clients with the utmost respect and professionalism. We would like to be part of your roofing solution! For now, enjoy the beautiful spring weather, festivals, hill country day trips and keep us in mind if we can assist in the future.

Battalion Roofing LLC


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