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Customer satisfaction is our top priority
"The entire process, which consisted of a three day period from initial contact to completion, was an incredible experience w/ a contractor living up to THEIR end, which is something rare in my opinion and experience. What I was told could be done sounded too good to be true and I was a little hesitant about signing a contract. However, Battalion Roofing came through with flying colors and lived up to everything that was promised as well as going the extra mile and doing more than was originally specified to ensure the area where the work was performed was left free of any debris. They combed the entire front and back yards with a magnetic sweep to remove any nails or other foreign metal objects possibly left over from the job and took care of my property as if it were their own. I am highly impressed with Battalion Roofing and will recommend them any time I can."  Thank you, Ms. Moeller of Gonzales, Texas.
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